Being a mom is a demanding job, which is why taking a momcation is important. Picture: Pexels
Being a mom is a demanding job, which is why taking a momcation is important. Picture: Pexels

5 reasons you need a 'momcation'

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Aug 12, 2019

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Being a mom is a demanding job. Thanks to the new trend of momcation, moms get to travel with her close friends without hubby and the children. 

Here are 5 reasons you may need a momcation: 

It’s good for your health: The cornerstones of a healthy life are good nutrition, rest and exercise. Going away on your own (or with a group of other moms) means you can reclaim your health: whether that means cooking healthy meals at your holiday house, eating at a restaurant without interruptions, getting a full night’s sleep, or taking time to exercise. 

It allows you to reconnect with friends: Having children means less time to bond with your girlfriends. A trip away together is an ideal chance to reconnect with your old friends, have long catch-ups that may be years overdue, and remind yourself that you’re not alone in any parenting struggles.  

You can find yourself again: As moms, your child always gets priority, and you rarely have time to do what makes you happy. “Me time” is crucial for your mental health: it refreshes your mind and spirit, helps you to rebalance your outlook on life and gives you more inspiration to pursue your talents and hobbies. Going away to another location is the perfect way to “enforce” this connection with yourself again, where you don’t have to think about others – something you may not have had the luxury of doing for years. 

It’s a holiday in the style you like: When you become a mom, holidays usually tend to focus on what the kids want or what fascinates your other half. There's no time to do something that you enjoy. Momcations allow you to plan the type of holiday you want to enjoy. You can structure daily activities without the guilt: whether that’s reading a good book, seeing the sights of a big city, or simply lying on a deserted beach with only a few seagulls for company. 

It makes you a better mom and partner: Ironically, going away without your children and partner improves your attitude when you’re with them. Catherine Black travelled to Greece and France with her close friends last year. Black’s momcation was simple, involving lots of beach time, eating good food and riding bikes, but it gave her renewed energy when she was reunited with her children and husband again. 

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