You may be a bad tourist without even realising it. Picture: Pixabay.
You may be a bad tourist without even realising it. Picture: Pixabay.

5 signs that you could be a BAD tourist

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Oct 31, 2019

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You may not realise it but your actions on your holiday could seriously anger locals or other tourists. 

Here are 5 signs that you could be a bad tourist: 

You compare the destination to your country 

Stop! No one wants to hear about how great your country is when it comes to cuisine, activities and hotels. If you feel strongly about your country, then perhaps book a flight back home so other people can enjoy their time in that destination. No one needs your negativity. 

You take pictures or touch prohibited areas 

Explore every part of a destination but do so by following its rules. Many establishments warn against taking images in certain areas or touching monuments. The destination or institution created the rules for a reason. You should respect them. 

Getting drunk out of your mind 

While it is not a sin to consume alcohol (although some places prohibit it) you should probably drink in moderation. Some areas may not be used to seeing people getting drunk, so make sure that you moderate your alcohol consumption. 

You are entitled 

You assume that because you have supported the local economy everyone needs to be at your beck and call. It won’t hurt to treat people with a little respect. 

You want a deal out of a deal 

Many destinations rely solely on tourism to support their economy. Some locals set up shop at the local market or small shops. They offer attractive deals to entice travellers. Do not try to ask for deals that will cost the trader their profit.  

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