Travel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a thing these days. Picture: Pexels

Travel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a thing these days. 

Many travellers become sad when they leave a holiday destination and the only way to fulfill their FOMO is through another travel trip. 

Here are five signs that you are suffering from travel FOMO:

All you think about is travel

If your search engine is filled with all things travel or you cannot help but research more about the destination you just visited, chances are that you are having travel FOMO. I admit that once the travel bug bites, it's hard to recover.  

Your time is spent researching hot travel spots, following travel accounts on social media and watching travel shows.

You Instagram posts of your holiday months after you return

It is strange how we take hundreds of holiday snaps without realising it. Many travellers with FOMO end up posting snaps of their holiday several months after their trip, sometimes using the hashtags #TravelTuesday #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFridays as excuses to post.

You planning another holiday

This happens quite frequently for travellers with FOMO. 

While on the plane home, many travellers are thinking about where their next holiday should be. Some contemplate whether it should be a city getaway, beach holiday or bush break. 

A few months later, they are travelling to another destination.

All you talk about during social interactions are your travels

Ever find that the conversations during dinner or drinks turns to your travels? Well, most travellers with FOMO end up steering a conversation of Christmas gifting to their last travel experience.

You always on the lookout for travel deals

Travel deals, no matter the time of year, are your best friend. You always on the prowl for good travel deals and always comparing prices among travel companies.