Not all hotels are what it seems. Picture: Pexels.
Not all hotels are what it seems. Picture: Pexels.

5 signs to ditch your hotel

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Aug 22, 2018

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When you book into a hotel, you probably expect the service to be top class, the rooms immaculate and a place that everyone knows and admires. Sadly, this isn't the case with some hotels, which deliberately lures travellers on false pretences. 

Here are some signs of why you should ditch your hotel: 

It has negative TripAdvisor ratings:  TripAdvisor will help you determine whether you want to stay or cancel. Previous guests are not afraid to voice their concerns online, whether its shoddy service, bad upkeep of the hotel or terrible food. 

The hotel emits a bad odour:  I remember going into a hotel for a site inspection once, and the smell made me want to puke! The odour was potent and I found it hard to breathe. While it was budget-friendly, it was definitely not a place I would have wanted to spend the night in. 
If the hotel has a strange smell, raise your concerns with the front desk. It is best to hear their side of the story before you check out. 

The TV does not work:  Imagine checking into your room only to find that the television does not work. While some people may be busy to actually get round to watching a movie or two during their stay, it is important that they know the television works or not. 
There are many people who prefer ending a day of exploring in front of the television, indulging in some hotel room service.

They offer wifi, but it does not work:  Some hotels offer wifi, but it does not work. This can be a schlep if you are reliant on the wifi to keep in touch with your family and friends back at home.  There are also some hotels who offer wifi but will bill you once you reached a certain limit( which they rarely tell you about). 

You can hear the conversation in the next room:  A noisy hotel may not be the best place to enjoy a holiday, but what is worse is hearing your neighbours in a heated argument or other noises that are not suitable to talk about. If the main reasons for going on holiday is peace and quiet, perhaps it is best a hotel that does not have much noise pollution. 

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