If you are a first-time traveller, try to embrace every moment. Picture: Pexels.

“I wish I knew this before” is what I said when I travelled for the first time many moons ago.

And, like me, that’s what many travellers feel when they embark on their first trip. While travelling is a learning experience, there are some things every traveller should know.

Here are 5 of our tips:

Do not be shy: I am at my most sociable when I travel. You get to meet interesting people from around the world. Remember that everyone is uncomfortable at first, but a simple "hi" can spark a life-long friendship. You have to make the first move.  

Be fearless: It may seem daunting visiting a new country, especially when you are a solo traveller, but one trait every good traveller embodies is fearlessness. Travellers should embrace the unknown as those are some of the moments that truly define a trip.

Do not sweat the small stuff: As a first-time traveller, it is easy to get caught up in itineraries. Travel does not always go as planned there may be delays, weather issues or other situations out of your control. While it is good to stick to a schedule, try to live in the moment.

Carry extra money: It is easy to overspend on holiday. I always try to have an emergency fund that I set aside whenever I travel. Incidents like missed flights or crime can happen at any time. Having extra cash can help you navigate out of a difficult situation.

Travel light: Travellers should pack according to the number of days they will be away. Pack what is important and leave the rest at home.

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