The travel industry needs to use the time in lockdown wisely. Picture: Rawpixel.
The travel industry needs to use the time in lockdown wisely. Picture: Rawpixel.

5 things the travel industry should do during lockdown

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Apr 8, 2020

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The travel industry has been one of the most affected industries during the Covid-19 outbreak. Travel companies had to make the hard the choice to temporarily close their business operations as many countries implemented lockdown. 

Here are five things the travel industry should do during the lockdown: 

Weigh the pros and cons

While money may be tight for a few weeks due to the loss of business, the travel industry needs to weigh the pros and cons of their business. Find a quiet place at home, a pen and a paper and let the evaluation begin. 

Weigh the pros, the things that make your business successful. Then, weigh the cons, the aspects that make you lose revenue. 
This will give you a clear indication of what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. 

Look back at customer feedback

Many businesses get caught up in ensuring that they cater to the demand for travellers that they forget to look at the feedback of customers. The feedback forms highlight what customers' like and dislike. It also forms an essential part of any successful business.

Stay relevant
While travel is discouraged during the lockdown, try to remain relevant. Most lodges are offering virtual safaris while chefs at top hotels are offering free cooking lessons. Depending on your business, find ways to stay connected to the travel world. 


Use the time at home to think of new strategies. Creative, bold, out of the box ideas is what travellers look for when choosing the right travel service provider. 
Gather the team on a video call or on Face Time to discuss fresh and new innovative ideas. 

Rest up 

There’s no use losing sleep over Covid-19. Instead, use the time to rest and relax. Many people are so consumed with their jobs that they find no time to enjoy the little things in life like enjoying nature, prioritising family time or other non-work-related activities. Once this is all over, the travel industry will be booming. The best thing to do now, while there is time, is to get some much-needed R&R.

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