Photo by Tim Savage from Pexels.
Photo by Tim Savage from Pexels.

5 things to do in your hotel when you don't feel like touring

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Feb 29, 2020

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Many travellers have one thing in mind when they travel: explore, explore and explore. They pack their itineraries with activities, tours and food stops that they do not have ample time to explore the hotel they have booked for their trip. 

Hotels have included many attractive features to their properties- from one of a kind experiences, fine dining and Instagram worthy backdrops. The aim is to get travellers to spend as much time in the hotel as possible, whether it’s lazing at the pool or tucking into a meal. 

Here are 5 things to do in your hotel when you don't feel like touring: 

Request a tour

When you check into your hotel, request a quick tour. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with the facilities at the hotel. Tours of hotels do not take much time. It usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes. 

Book a dining experience

Most travellers prefer to dine at other popular restaurants at their destination rather than at their hotel. While some hotels serve terrible food, others pride themself in creating bespoke dining experiences.  

Chill by the pool

I know, this one sounds cliche, but it has many beneficial wellness benefits. Most hotels offer many poolside benefits like massages, saunas and steam rooms. After days of exploring, relaxing by the pool will be a welcome treat. 

Socialise with other guests over a drink

Getting to know a local or a fellow traveller is the perfect way to learn about their city, culture and swap travel tips. It may seem intimidating at first, but a simple hello can break the ice. 

Take in the scenery

How many of you spend time admiring the scenery your hotel provides? The next time you book into a hotel, take in the lush views. Pull up a chair and marvel at the beauty from your balcony or take a stroll in the gardens. 

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