Planning an international holiday may be daunting, but the experience is super rewarding. Picture: Pexels.

Planning your first international holiday can exciting and tricky all the same time. Here are 5 things you should do before you embark on an international trip: 

Check the validity of your passport and apply for the necessary visas: A passport and visa are two important documents a traveller needs when they venture abroad. Passports can take up to 10 working days to obtain and visas are dependent on the country you visit. Always make sure that these are done before you book a holiday.

Get medical help:  Some countries require travellers to take vaccines before they visit. If you are unsure, ask a medical expert on what vaccines and medication you will require and how soon you need to take them before you travel. 

Learn new phrases: If you are visiting a destination where locals speak a different language, try to make every attempt to learn some of the phrases. It will help you when you shopping or communicating with locals at a tourist spot. 

Plan a budget: A budget helps travellers draw the line of overspending while on holiday. When planning a budget, take into consideration your food costs, transport and tours. A good way to save is to prearrange your tours at your home country. 

Get health insurance: Comprehensive travel insurance is a sure way to safeguard you against any incidents that could arise.