While backpacking may be a cheaper alternative to travel, why not save further with these tips... Picture: Pexels.

More travellers are taking the backpacking route- choosing camping sites and hostels over luxury hotels. If you are cash-strapped, here are some ways to save on your next backpacking adventure:

Try to book your accommodation in advance: Many backpackers ‘go with the flow’ on their travels. Their free spirit personality allows them to be spontaneous on their trips. While this may be good, try to book some of your accommodation in advance, especially if you are travelling to more than one country.

Pack light: You cannot call yourself a backpacker if you are are lugging around large suitcases. Take only the necessities and try to pack according to your trip. Pack fitness wear if you are going to be active and more comfortable clothing if your itinerary is packed with long hours of sightseeing.

When using hostels, and camping sites, try to safeguard your belongings: While you may not have expensive jewellery or belongings in your possession, it is important to know where all your belongings are. It may be fun to have met new people- but always make sure you are vigilant at all times.

Buy snacks: If you are a snacker, always have a few packed in your suitcase. Trust me, it comes in handy when there are no shops or restaurants near the campsite or hostel you are staying at.

Walk: Cabs can get quite expensive, so why not save some money and walk to destinations close by? Along the way, you can pop by at a quaint coffee shop or get to know the locals a bit better!