More and more people over 60 are travelling. Picture: Pexels.
More and more people over 60 are travelling. Picture: Pexels.

5 tips for travellers over 60

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Oct 17, 2018

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Travel has become a very attractive pastime for travellers over 60’s.  Jennifer Morris from Travel Savvy provides tips for travellers over the age of 60: 

Decide before booking what your minimum level of comfort is: Morris said different travellers had different preferences.  “If you’re not picky about where you stay, then booking a three-star hotel in a good location is acceptable.  “However, if you’re at the stage in your life when a little luxury is preferable, then make sure your travel planner knows this and that your itinerary reflects this,” she said. 

Take your fitness level into account when planning a trip: Morris said travellers booking tours that required walking, riding or hiking should enquire the fitness requirement before booking. 
“The tour operator or your travel planner should be able to advise if the tour needs strong, medium or light fitness levels,” she said. Besides, the last thing you would want is enduring a terrible tour because you did not seek the fitness requirements. 

When booking a tour with other people, make sure that you’re choosing the correct demographic: Here is where age plays a part. If you are one of those people who love hanging out with young people then its perfectly acceptable to travel with them, however, it's may not always bode well with other over 60 travellers. 
“If you are picturing a sedate meander around Europe, the last thing you want on tour with you is a bunch of rowdy 20-somethings.  Make sure that your tour (or cruise) offers the pace and style you’re looking for,” Morris warned. 

Consider the comfort of your flight itinerary, rather than just the price: Comfort plays a huge factor when flying- especially if you have medical issues. 
“Find the most direct flight route to your destination where you can.  Organise a Meet and Assist or wheelchair boarding if you cannot walk long distances in the airport.  Your travel planner should be able to arrange this for you,” Morris said. 

Take out travel insurance, and make it as comprehensive as possible: Your travel insurance can be your saving grace should something happen on a trip. Morris urges travellers to choose comprehensive travel insurance, which covers medical cancellations and evacuations in the result of a medical emergency.  
“Make sure that the insurance covers any pre-existing or chronic condition," she said. 

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