Experts believe that solo travellers do not have to pay a single supplement as there are deals out there that eliminates extra cost. Picture: Supplied.

Solo travel with no single supplements is like living the dream for seasoned solos across the globe. For new soloists, a single supplement is a fee, or surcharge that solos often need to pay in order to stay in rooms that are based on double occupancy.  

Traditionally, those who travel solo have unfortunately had to pay as much as couples, says Theresa Szejwallo, MD of Trafalgar. She says with solo travel set to be a recurring travel trend throughout 2018, more hotels, tour operators and travel agencies are starting to waiver or discount single supplements.

It still takes some added tenacity from solos to find these holiday deals but rest assured ‘no single supplement’ deals are definitely out there.

Tips for those looking to solo travel with no single supplements on their next holiday:

Keep tabs on solo travel deals

Single supplement discounts on selected holidays departures are often subject to availability, so be sure to be first in line. Scan through “deals” pages and sign up to newsletters with travel companies that are known to accommodate solo travel with no single supplements. Set up Google Alerts and join online solo travel groups on Facebook to keep up on current discounts shared on regular posts.

Adopt a roommate

To avoid paying single supplements on guided group holidays, many agencies can pair you up with another traveller (of the same gender) on your trip. The best case scenario will be that they can’t find anyone, so you could potentially score the room to yourself at no extra charge, or your new ‘room mate’ could be a lovely, like-minded person who becomes a great companion.

Check guided holiday dates

Some agencies offer multiple holiday dates options throughout the year, so it’s become common to find selected departures that specifically accommodate solo travel with no single supplements. Even if you can’t see them online, it's worth asking your travel agent if they offer, or will offer discounted or no single supplements on specific dates.

Travel in the off season

If you’re looking to solo travel with no single supplements on your next trip, be flexible with your dates. Consider taking a holiday during the low, or shoulder season, as companies often tend to be more amenable to filling their empty spaces. As an added bonus, traveling in the off season can also be a lot more fun than braving the crowds.

Check by destination

Certain destinations carry a non-compulsory single supplement and do make an effort to work with operators and agents to offer supplement-free holidays. As an insider tip, look at specific destinations like Italy, Spain and Portugal for example. These destinations are hot for 2018 and a great place to find 100% discounts on single supplements. Greece and Egypt are also making a comeback this year, and are two destinations where it's also entirely possible solo travel with no single supplements this year.