One can save a lot if they book their December trip early. Picture: Pexels.
One can save a lot if they book their December trip early. Picture: Pexels.

5 tips to save on your December travels

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Aug 14, 2018

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Many travellers find December the ideal time to escape from the world. With school holidays and some companies closing over the festive season, many families (and friends) book holidays- whether its a few days somewhere local or a week-long international trip.

Collin Thaver of Southern Africa 360 shares 5 saving tips:

Plan early: Thaver said many people left their travel plans to the last minute, which resulted in them not getting leave from work or having to pay more than they budgeted for. 

“Try to pre-arrange your leave months before your scheduled travel dates. This gives you ample time to find a destination and the dates you want to travel,” he said.

Compare prices: Excited about going on holiday, some travellers end up booking the first tour they see. To avoid regret, try to compare prices as much as you can.

“Look at what travel deals are out there and find the one that suits you and your budget,” said Thaver.  

Book your flight tickets early: If people know their destination and travel dates, it is best they book their flight tickets as soon as possible. Thaver said airline tickets were cheaper when booked early.

“The cost of seat usually increases closer to the travel time.”

Budget: According to Thaver, many travellers leave their plans to the last minute because they wait for their bonus or other specials.

“If you plan on a December break, the first thing you should do is plan a budget. Establish how much you willing to spend and how much you have to save. Once you determine that, you are able to book deals to suit your budget,” he said.

Some travel agencies have layby systems where you can secure your trip with a small fee and pay the rest a month or two before the travel date.

Pre-booking is your friend: Thaver advises travellers to pre-book hotels and other activities in advance.

“Having all your tours and accommodation(if booking yourself and not with a tour agent) makes it easy to explore and navigate a particular destination. The last thing you want to do is to wait in long queues and pay exorbitant fees,” he said.

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