Nothing makes you feel more like you’re on holiday than spending time at the beach. Picture: Nitin Dhumal/Pexels.

If you are at work and yearn for that summer holiday feeling, here's how: 
Go for a swim

Nothing makes you feel more like you’re on holiday than spending time at the beach. If you live or work near the coast pack your beach bag the night before and look up the closest beach to your office or home. Head there straight after work. With the sun only setting later, you could easily get at least two hours of beach time in before you need to head home. 

If you're in Gauteng, you are a bit more limited when it comes to this. There are, however, a few spas that allow guests to use the pool, while some hotels in and around Gauteng have pools that are open to the public. A post-work dip could be just what you need to keep that holiday feeling going.

Enjoy after-work summer foods and drinks at a fabulous location

Cocktails, mocktails, beers and more ‒ there are many beverages that you can indulge in after a long day at the office. Many excellent locations around South Africa offer delicious cocktails with the perfect setting for after-work drinks. 

In Cape Town, for example, head to a spot like the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront for some of the best in the city. Not only will you be able to taste some amazing cocktails, but the stunning view is very much insta worthy.  
Visit a summer market

Summer markets have sprung up all across South Africa with every major city offering up a plethora of options to choose from. During these warmer months, there are more markets than you can keep track of, so if you are looking to squeeze in a bit of fun shopping after work, but you don’t want the chaos of a mall, then definitely check out a summer market or two.
Open-air events

From concerts to movie nights, there are plenty of open-air events happening around South Africa. While some are reserved for the weekends, many take place after work during the week. These include open-air movies or mid-week music nights, which you can search for at ticketing website such as Quicket offer. 
Explore your city parks and nature reserves

At this time of year, some city parks and nature reserves stay open until later. If you fancy a run, walk or even just an evening picnic, look into which parks or reserves in your area are open after you knock off work. It could be a fun family activity to create those incredible family memories.