There are ways one can plan an outing without breaking the bank this weekend. Picture: Max Pixels.

A day outing can be fun. It affords you the opportunity to reconnect and explore places within your home town. Although  payday is just around the corner, there are ways one can plan an outing without breaking the bank this weekend. Here are some tips:

Pick a location

The secret of choosing a good location for a daycation is that it is not far from home. After a rigorous day running up and down with the children, the last thing a parent needs is a long drive home. 

There are many unique spots in the city , apart from the regular tourist favourites, that people can enjoy. Find unique spots that compliments your family’s personality.

Activity central

A day out isn’t fun without some cool activities to include the entire family. 

Before you book those expensive cruise tickets online, do some research on what else offers are available. During this period (October-November), many establishments and activity spots have specials on their services and products to entice travellers ahead of the peak season. 

A good daycation spot for families are usually parks and zoos. Some parks are free and offers braai facilities and activities within the park. Parents should also try to plan some cool surprises for their children.

Set a budget- and stick to it

A budget is essential, even if many of us hate to implement one when we out travelling. By setting aside a budget, one can prepare for the trip, from toll fees, eating costs and activities without having to stress about not having money for next week’s bread and milk. Budgets also helps us to stay disciplined.

Start the day early

Start your daycation early. This gives one more time to explore, have fun and make memories.

Do something spontaneous

While it's good to organised, a little spontaneity is great. Whether it's hiking to a waterfall, jumping into the pool with clothes on or watching the sunset, the unplanned parts of a trip are often the ones everyone remembers.