The December holidays are around the corner. Picture: Pam Patterson/Pixabay.
The December holidays are around the corner. Picture: Pam Patterson/Pixabay.

5 ways to save for your December holiday

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Oct 15, 2020

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It has been a tough few months with the pandemic and the lockdown restrictions enforced to stop the spread of the virus.

As travel is slowly getting back to normal, many travellers are hoping to take a few days off for summer to unwind and explore more.

While some people will love nothing more than to escape to exotic destinations, many have to save up for their holidays. With the December holidays around the corner, here are five tips to save for your December holiday:

Do not leave planning for the last minute

Spontaneous travel is great, but not for December when most people decide to travel. Plan the trip at least a month and a half before you depart, which will offer you ample time to plan and save.

Have a budget and stick to it

Set aside an amount that you want to spend on travel, accommodation and tours and stick to it. Some travel agencies have lay-by systems where you can secure your trip with a small fee and pay the rest a month or two before the travel date.

Make use of travel deals

With the industry trying to recover from Covid-19, many are running specials to entice travellers. Ensure that you are comparing the deals before you decide on a holiday option.

Book flights early

Flight prices increase or decrease as per demand, and with December being a popular month for travel, its best to ensure that you book your tickets first. Try to compare the prices of tickets for the different airlines before you book your ticket.

Book tours and activities online

Most companies offer attractive online discounts that you would not get when at the establishment. Research the places you want to visit and check out their website to see if they are running any specials.

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