If you intend to travel this year, try these money-saving tips. Picture: Pexels.
If you intend to travel this year, try these money-saving tips. Picture: Pexels.

5 ways to save for your next travel adventure

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jan 13, 2020

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Many of us aspire to travel to exotic lands to immerse ourselves in the culture, tradition and lifestyle of the locals. In between life’s commitments, saving for that all-important, much-needed break is never easy.  Here are 5 ways to save for your next travel adventure: 

Set a budget

A budget is the first step towards your travel saving goals. A budget allows you to choose the right destinations and the type of accommodation and activities that suits your pocket. Travellers should be realistic when it comes to their budget as countries differ in cost, from hotel accommodation, transport, activities and food. For example, an entry level priced holiday to New York would cost more than a visit to Bali. For those on a tight budget, there are many budget-friendly destinations for South Africans that do not require a visa. For example, places like Mozambique, Thailand and Indonesia have become attractive destinations for South Africans over the years. 

Join a travel stokvel

Travel stokvels have become the rage lately...and with good reason. It allows groups of friends or family to save a stipulated amount of money every month towards that all-important trip. Being involved in travel stokvels also builds a community of travellers and makes saving second nature. 

Make travel savings a debit order

Let’s face it, having your travel savings in your main bank account is risky. Knowing that you have money in your account makes it more tempting to spend. You could either save your money with a financial service provider or via your bank. These service providers offer a range of attractive packages to suit your needs. 

Lay-buy your holiday

Lay-buy travel enables people to pay towards their dream holiday destination through monthly instalments. This method of travel means that all your holiday costs are paid for before you embark on the trip, so no hefty credit card bills to worry about after your holiday. Hippo.co.za and Fomo Travel offer lay-buy travel deals for South Africans. 

Swap luxuries for travel

If you desire a much needed holiday, you have to make sacrifices to save up. For example, look at your lifestyle and your monthly expenses. Ask yourself what are essential and non-essential items? Once you have established an estimated amount for these “non-essential items”, it is easier to determine a travel saving amount for the month. 

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