5 ways to save on your next travel trip

IF YOU intend to travel this year, try these money-saving tips. Picture: Pexels.

IF YOU intend to travel this year, try these money-saving tips. Picture: Pexels.

Published Dec 13, 2021


As many people are cash strapped this season, saving a few extra rand for their upcoming holidays is crucial. Clinton Moodley shares five ways to save this summer holiday.

Be smart when booking flights

Hastily booking your trip may result in exorbitant flight prices. Shop for the best price if you are flexible with dates and times. FlySafair chief marketing officer Kirby Gordon told IOL Travel earlier this year, travellers should book on low-demand days, usually Tuesdays and Saturdays. Gordon said midday flights were also cheaper.

In terms of months to book, May and early November offered cheap fares compared to peak season months such as March and April, July and December.

“If you do travel during long weekends or peak seasons, try to extend the trip a few days to get the most competitive flight prices,” he said.

Be picky with accommodation

Most travellers want to stay in extravagant accommodation, but shopping around may get you the best deal. Don't stress too much on grading as some high-end hotels offer lacklustre experiences.

Check reviews of hotels, amenities, and overall experiences before choosing your accommodation. Most South African establishments are running specials for locals after many international guests have postponed due to the pandemic. Camping and self-catering are also budget-friendly options.

Travel within your means

Sure, securing an Instaworthy image at a swanky attraction is going to woo your followers on social media, but it is not going to impress your pocket. South Africa is home to many budget-friendly experiences, some of which are free, so there are ample places to see that meet your budget.

Create a list of places you want to visit and budget accordingly. Booking all-inclusive stays are affordable, and you need not worry about forking out extra when you are on holiday.

Go with a group (social distancing rules apply)

Travelling in a group means everyone gets to split costs, from the transport, food and activities. It not only lightens the costs but travellers can make memories with their loved ones. You should also get tested if you travel to another city or province.

Eat local

Swop dining at restaurants for eating local. This means you can prepare meals at your accommodation (if it’s self-catering), grab street food at vendors, or dine family-style with other travellers at your accommodation.

You can also purchase fresh meals at grocery stores. Don’t skip meals if you are low on your budget, as you are bound to find an inexpensive meal at your destination.