6 fun facts you need to know about travelling with furry friends

Furry friends also deserve to go on holiday with their mates. Picture: Unsplash

Furry friends also deserve to go on holiday with their mates. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jun 12, 2023


Airbnb unveiled the latest pet travel trends based on pet-friendly demand and supply data. According to the e-hosting platform, it saw a significant surge in nights booked with pets, close to 50%.

Airbnb has published some insights into the top destinations, most wish-listed stays, and the countries embracing pet travel.

According to Airbnb, just over 27% of listings on Airbnb are declared pet-friendly, a figure that has been consistently growing over the past five years and up from 23% in 2018.

Which countries have the most pet-friendly stays?

It revealed that Colombia, Brazil, Italy, and India have the most abundant pet-friendly stays, including a wide range of options for pet owners.

What countries are pets travelling from the most?

When it comes to globe-trotting with furry companions, some countries have truly earned their spot in the pet travel hall of fame. Airbnb's data revealed that the origin countries with the highest share of pet travel this season include Italy, Belgium, The US, The UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Canada and France.

What countries are pets travelling to the most?

According to Airbnb, with the ability to narrow down search results for pet-friendly options, its users have been actively exploring destinations that warmly welcome their furry companions. Based on nights booked, The UK, The US, The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, France, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and Italy are the top 10 countries with the highest percentage of guests travelling there with pets.

What cities are pets travelling to the most?

Based on Airbnb's data, Brisbane, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Brighton and Hove, Mexico City, Jeju, Torrevieja, Saint-Raphael, North Myrtle Beach, and Portland, Oregon, boast some of the highest percentages of nights booked by guests travelling to them with their pets this summer, showcasing a truly pet-friendly atmosphere.

Town mouse or country mouse?

As travellers seek pet-friendly stays away from bustling cities, Airbnb analysed the percentage of non-urban pet-friendly stays. The data revealed that approximately 46% of pet-friendly stays booked this summer are situated in rural areas, emphasising a strong desire for nature-centric vacations with pets.

Pawsitive protection: AirCover for Hosts safeguards against pet-related damages

According to Airbnb, hosts may have concerns about welcoming guests with pets into their cherished properties, so it introduced top-to-bottom protection with AirCover for Hosts for free on every booking.

“AirCover for hosts includes pet damage, meaning you can open your doors to pet-loving guests with confidence, knowing that unforeseen accidents or waggy tail mishaps will be taken care of,” said the e-hosting platform.

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