Before you embark on your holiday, make sure that you know these hacks. Picture: Yuganov Konstantin
Before you embark on your holiday, make sure that you know these hacks. Picture: Yuganov Konstantin

6 hacks to ensure your family holiday doesn't come to a screeching end

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Oct 29, 2019

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The summer holidays are fun for the entire family. Shaun Pozyn, Head of Marketing at and British Airways (operated by Comair) offers some tips on how to make the best of your airport experience:

Take care of business online

In our fast-paced world, it is no secret that customers prefer to do so much more from their laptops, tablets and smartphones. With everybody being online 24/7, checking in on your devices is not only empowering but quick and easy. It also allows you to share the news that you are on your way to that island getaway with all your friends on Facebook.

Lighten your load

Rather than queuing to check-in your luggage, you can use the bag drop facilities if you have already checked yourself in. 

Breeze through security 

With your boarding pass in hand, head towards security. Before you enter the airport, make sure you are free of any metal that will cause some beeps, such as coins or a set of keys. Rather, place that in your hand luggage and put it through the scanner. If you are travelling with a laptop, take it out of its bag ahead of time and move swiftly through security.

Safety first

Remember the regulations on what you can carry in your hand luggage. Security staff are likely to confiscate nail-scissors, multi-tools and even toy weapons. “That floppy rubber sword your little Jack or Jane Sparrow likes to brandish? It might be taken away, much to your pirate’s distress,” warns Pozyn.

Give Junior a tablet

If you’re travelling with youngsters, you’ll be grateful for toys and games that keep them busy. But while Lego and Meccano are excellent for children’s creativity, the small parts will be tricky to retrieve from the floor of an airline cabin. This may be the one occasion to let the kids play on a smartphone or tablet, for as long as they like.

Chew on this

Small children sometimes struggle to equalise the pressure in their ears as the aircraft ascends and descends, so age-appropriate food and drink, that encourage swallowing can help. If you’re worried that sugar will make them hyperactive, then cooled rooibos tea and droëwors will do the trick. 


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