Not everyone has the opportunity to explore the world, but there are ways that you can travel for free. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

Travel is deemed a luxury as it is often too expensive. As such, most people don't get to explore the world. If you have always wanted to travel but your finances prevented you from doing so, there’s hope. Below are some ways in which South Africans can travel for free: 

Couch surfing 

Couch surfing is the ideal way to connect with locals and learn about a destination. Couch surfing, according to its website, is a service that connects members to a global community of travellers. You will share accommodation with locals and learn more about the place and its people. Visit for more information. 


No, woofing is not anything related to man’s best friend. Woofing allows travellers to enjoy free accommodation and food in exchange for working a few hours a day. The type of work will depend on the listing. Like Couch surfing, travellers will be able to learn more about the destination and spend time with the locals. 


House-sitting has become all the rage, recently. House-sitting allows you to 'house sit' while the owner is away on holiday or a business trip. Some owners may request you take care of their pet (if you are an animal lover) while others solely want you to keep an eye on their household. The perks? You stay for free in some of the world's most stunning homes. 

Volunteering abroad 

If you have a passion for people or wildlife, volunteering abroad is for you. Research is your friend when it comes to volunteering abroad. Some places offer voluntary experiences, but there are hefty costs involved. Others offer free accommodation and food in exchange for helping the host community. Check out International Volunteer HQ or Love Volunteers.

Work in a travel-related industry 

One of the easiest ways to travel for free is through a travel-related job that allows you the opportunity to visit an array of places for free. Jobs like travel agents, cruise ship attendants and cabin crew are just some of the employment opportunities available. However, you will still require the necessary qualifications to secure these kinds of jobs. 

Visit free attractions 

If you are visiting a place and money is tight, research the free attractions in the area. Various destinations offer free attractions that celebrate its culture, history and traditions. 

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