Charisma Basday and Gael Le Martin in Paris.

Actress and television personality Carishma Basday and her husband Gael Le Martin love travelling. They make sure that there is time for romance whenever they travel.  We speak to her to find out about her romantic travel tips.

Are you travelling this Valentine’s Day? We will be at home. With our hectic schedules, there is little time for sneaky getaways. We will probably cuddle on the couch with a good movie and wine.

How did you and your partner meet? It’s a serendipitous and magical story of fate, love and how the universe conspires in our favour. But it’s also a long,detailed story and one that’s better heard than read.

What has been the most memorable Valentine’s Day for you and your partner? Probably our first. We were dating a few months and my husband, who is a helicopter pilot,was working on Valentine’s Day. As fate would have it, his clients invited me to come along for the flight as there was a spare seat. We flew to Aquila Private Game Reserve, had a decadent breakfast, went on an incredible game drive, and indulged in a beautiful lunch before flying back to Cape Town. Another memorable one is when we were in Paris two years ago. Even though we just had a meal at our favourite restaurant and walked back to our flat hand in hand, it’s hard not to feel the love in Paris.

Ideal place to visit on Valentine’s Day? Somewhere remote. Just you and your person, good food and wine.

Why would you encourage couples to travel over Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to stop and focus on each other. Travel gets you out of your comfort zone and you get to enjoy each other in a new place.