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With holiday season fast-approaching, we caught up with the travel experts at SA Flair Travel to get some insight into some essentials for any check list of travel essentials you'll be putting together for the coming holiday break.

Don’t forget your cell phone

If travelling overseas, find out about the roaming charges that apply and think of buying a local SIM card when you reach your destination.

Original passport/identification document

Bring documentation that reflects the exact name as on your booking. If there’s an error on your passport, you need to book your travel (flights) with that error. International regulations are stricter so you will be denied entry into the country should your names on the passport not match your ticket and itinerary.

Leave a copy of your itinerary

Make sure your family knows where you’ll be and how to contact you while you’re away.

Universal adapter 

Make sure you know the type of plug sockets the country you’re visiting uses, otherwise your gadgets will be useless.

Emergency contact and insurance information 

Your medical aid card is usually your best bet!


Don’t go anywhere without pain-killers! It’s a good idea to carry a basic first aid kit as well. 

Dress comfortably 

It is always relaxing to wear loose clothes when travelling. It’s bad enough that your elbows will be knocking each other when trying to eat on a plane and it’s worse when you have your waist trainer on, heels, contact lenses and other items that make it uncomfortable to sit for long periods either in car or a plane.


You do want to make an impression in that business meeting/new social circle right? They don’t need to know what you ate or drank last night!


Research the destination you have chosen before you set out. This will enhance your experience.


This is the point of a holiday, isn’t it?