Practising safety measures while at a hotel is the first step to ensure that you have a pleasant stay. Picture: Pexels.

A holiday is meant to be a fun time - a time when you let your hair down, unwind and let go of the stresses of life. 

However, many travellers tend to let their guard down, which could cause them to become victims of crime. The hotel, despite the security measures in place, can be one of the places you should be vigilant of.

If you are staying at a hotel this summer holidays, here are ways to protect yourself: 

Use the Do Not Disturb sign

If you happen to spend most of your time exploring the destination than staying inside your hotel room, you should make use of the Do Not Disturb sign. The sign would make it seem as if someone is in the room, which could deter thieves from entering. Keeping the TV on is another trick to keep thieves away. 

Have front desk on speed dial

Incidents, whether criminal or natural, can take place at any time. Travellers should keep all the information of the hotel to ensure that that they can contact them should there be a crisis. Add the hotel as your speed dial on your cellphone to use when you are not in your room. 

Say no to the ground floor 

Should an incident happen, the ground floor is the first place criminals would target. Rather ask to be moved to a higher floor. 

Some people may claim to be staff, double-check with the front desk 

If someone knocks on your door claiming to be a staff member of the hotel, do not let them in until you confirm with the front desk. It will provide you with peace of mind even if it makes you look crazy by the hotel staff.