Take the necessary precautions when travelling abroad. Picture: Clinton Moodley.
Take the necessary precautions when travelling abroad. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

Coronavirus: 3 things you should do when checking in for your flight

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Mar 12, 2020

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Travelling by air seems to be a taboo subject matter with many South Africans tested positive for coronavirus. While many countries have opposed travel restrictions, others remain safe for travel. 

Many travellers fly to their destinations (unless you promote the Flight Shaming movement), which means that you have to spend lengthy periods at the airport. 

As the airport is one of the places where the virus spreads rapidly, especially with travellers visiting various countries and possibly being exposed to infected people, those who travel need to exercise caution. 

Here are some tips:

Sanitise areas before and after

Are you waiting at one of the airport’s restaurants? Are you sitting on chairs positioned near your boarding gates? Or are you having any close contact with any airport surfaces? 

Well, if you have answered yes for any one of these questions, you should sanitise at all times. Sanitising helps clean surfaces and get rid of germs. The handling trays at security checks is another place to be wary of. 

Hundreds of travellers put their belongings on the handling trays daily and with that comes exposure to germs and viruses. Even if it makes you look crazy, wipe down the tray twice before adding your items. Also, try to add as little items as possible. Moral of the story: sanitise at regular intervals.

Maintain minimal or no contact 

People can call you antisocial or a snob all they like, but shaking hands, hugging or any other activity that requires close contact is a no no. Try to check-in online to avoid using a printed boarding pass, and when you do present your boarding pass on your mobile device, rather hold it yourself. 

You may also print a copy of your boarding pass instead of getting one at the airport check-in counter. While airline staff may be adopting hygiene practices, you rather be safe than sorry. 

Wear gloves and masks 

Things like collecting your baggage expose you to germs and viruses. You can pull a Naomi Campbell, (the supermodel wore a full hazmat suit during her latest travels), or you can stick to the mask and gloves. It’s a preventative, and there is no guarantee that you are safe from the virus. 

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