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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Don’t let the bed bugs bite: Travel expert shares tips on how to check your hotel room for bed bugs

Picture: Engin Akyurt/\pexels

Picture: Engin Akyurt/\pexels

Published Nov 26, 2022


A hotel worker and Travel expert named Halee shared a few tips regarding beg bugs.

They may be tiny and almost invisible to the eye, but they bite hard and can be a real annoyance.

Sleeping in a bed that is not your own can result in you coming home with itchy skin. However, bed bugs can be found almost everywhere in a setting. Therefore, these tips can come in handy.

"Before you even unpack"

‘’Corners -of a mattress - are always super popular, it’s best to do this when it’s dark, with a flash light especially on the mattress,’’ she said.

‘’Make sure to look at the bottom and the top,’’ adding that all areas on the corners of the bed is vital.

"And while everything is off, you're going to come up here under the covers... you're going to check on all the creases here on the bed.

"They [bed bugs] usually like to hang out in the corners and the creases. Pay attention if there's a mattress pad, too."

She added that 'blood spots' are also an indication of bed bugs: "Even if you don't see bugs, make sure you check for spots. Blood spots. Because that's not a good sign, either," she said.

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In a follow-up video, Halee explained that if you do find yourself in a bed bug situation in your hotel, you should "document everything" and then request a new room on the "other side of the hotel."

One user asked: ‘’If there is bedbugs in one room will they be in another room, should you leave the hotel or switch rooms ??’’

And the travel expert said: ‘’I wouldn’t take a room in the same hall and I’d thoroughly inspect the next room I was given.’’

Plenty of people thanked Halee for her advice in the comments.

"Bed bugs are my literal worst nightmare," one person said. "Yep I put my luggage in the bathtub and check the beds and furniture! I am terrified of getting bed bugs," another wrote.

Another user gave a tip as well, ‘’VI always check the AC filter. I have bad allergies tp dust soo that's always a go to.’’

These tips you can apply to your own home as well, bed bugs are ‘friendly’ visitors and will make their way to your blood ‘real quick!’