There's lots to see and do in Moscow. Here is how you can spend 24 hours in the city...
There's lots to see and do in Moscow. Here is how you can spend 24 hours in the city...

#FIFAWorldCup: How to spend 24 hours in Moscow

By CLINTON MOODLEY Time of article published Jun 20, 2018

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If you are travelling to Russia for the FIFA World Cup, chances are that you are likely to visit Moscow.  The capital city is filled with historical sights, good cuisine and colourful infrastructure. 

This is how you can spend 24 hours in Moscow...

8am: Breakfast at Cafe Pushkin

This restaurant was inspired by French singer Gilbert Beco, who visited Russia more than 50 years ago.

He penned the song Natalie in honour of a Russian tour guide of the same name. In the song, he wrote about a place called Pushkin Café.

“How nice it would be to be with you in Pushkin Café, where for the window is snowing; we would drink hot chocolate and talk about something else ... ". he sang.

The demand by French travellers to see this cafe resulted in it being opened on the Tver Boulevard in a mansion built in the Baroque style in 1999. Travellers can enjoy a hearty breakfast while they learn more about the origins of the place.

11am: St. Basil’s Cathedral

After breakfast and a walk about in the area, head to St. Basil’s Cathedral, one of of Russia’s most popular attractions.

It is a mere 25 minutes from Pushkin Cafe. The church located in the Red Square in Moscow is also known as the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed. It was built in 1552. Its colourful and patterned building is unique to Russian architecture.

12.30pm: Gorky Park

Known as the Central Park of Moscow, Gorky Park has become Russia’s first world-class park. It will take you less than 30 minutes to get here from St Basil’s Cathedral. It was built in the 1920s and named after writer and a political activist Maxim Gorky. Visitors can easily spend the afternoon here, as there are many activities, ranging from recreation, sport, dance and outdoor games

You can also grab lunch with a range of eateries on the property.  

2pm: Hop-On Hop-Off Moscow

The Hop On Hop Off Moscow city sightseeing bus is a great way to see the city in half the time. 

There are 2 routes that run from 10am to 6pm. It starts from Bolotnaya Square. The Red Line takes travellers to 17 attractions while the Green Line takes you to 27. Passengers get to choose the places they want  to explore. 

Some of the places visited include Arbatskaya Square, Arbatskaya Square, Arbatskaya Square on the Red Line and Kiev Pier, October Cinema and Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

7pm: Dinner at hotel

Tuck into some authentic Russian cuisine at the hotel restaurant, or perhaps take a leisurely stroll through the city to find a unique restaurant.

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