Gangs of Ballet is a Durban-based rock band.

Rock band Gangs of Ballet is one of the country’s top 10 rock hit-makers. It is made up of brothers Brad and Josh Klynsmith, Jonathan Rich and Hardus de Beer. They have released a new album that represents an eclectic mix of alternative, melodic, anthemic, electronic and dance genres. Frontman Brad Klynsmith speaks about his travels.

How widely have you travelled?

I’ve been to the Middle East, America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, Egypt and other countries in Africa.

Where was your favourite holiday or time spent abroad?

That’s hard to say, each place is pretty special in its own right. But snowboarding in the Himalayas with my brothers stands out for me.

Your worst experience on a holiday?

I nearly got killed in Zimbabwe during the heat of their political uprising. Other smaller stuff includes leaving my wallet with all my credit cards and ID in a London McDonalds.

Luckily I got it back – nothing quite like being stuck in a foreign country without cash or a passport.

Your funniest experience?

On the snowboarding trip we were told about this hotel that had dancing and we missioned in the pitch black following faint thumps of a bass bin, only to find a hotel lobby full of people from all over the world in their long johns (underwear). The whole thing was just bizarre.

What do you avoid during a holiday?

International phone bills.

Best meal abroad?

A memorable meal would be a few months ago on my birthday – we were in London and my wife took me for a three-course meal at a very expensive hotel in Charing Cross.

Your favourite place to have sundowners on your travels?

I’ve got to admit some of my favourite spots have been in Durban, would you believe it, Sontuli in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve, and on top of an unspecified hotel in Durban central.

What have you learnt from your travels?

I’ve learned that South Africa is a far better place than we give it credit for. No place is perfect. I’m very proudly South African.

Ideal travelling companion?

Surf or snow trip, my brothers and the Lovemores; anywhere else, my wife.

Culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

A bit of both, leaning more towards culture. I’m a sucker for a good theme park but love the idea of seeing a lot of one place and not just a corner. So tasting the food and coffee and seeing the art is really cool.

Greatest travel luxury?

I’m not rich enough to have luxuries, but I make sure I don’t hold back in spending money in experiencing a country for what it is. I like to see major sights, do boat trips, eat the food and visit theme parks.

No point going all the way there and being a cheapskate.

Holiday reading?

Reading’s a bit of hard work for me, I’d rather put on some music, sip on a coffee and watch people.

Favourite drive?

A drive I took in New Zealand stands out. We were on our way to surf a famous spot called Ragland, it was beautiful.

All the beaches are glistening black from volcanic rock.

Dream trip?

A surf trip to Bali with my mates.

As a seasoned traveller and flyer can you share some tips?

The new travel wallets are amazing. Be careful of the water you drink. Make sure you take someone with you to share the experience.

Where next?

Wherever the music takes me. - Weekend Argus