Some travellers are ditching their loved ones and planning epic solo holidays.
Some travellers are ditching their loved ones and planning epic solo holidays.

Holidays on your terms: 5 benefits of solo travel

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Oct 22, 2021

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Some travellers are ditching their loved ones and planning epic solo holidays.

According to ABTA’s Holiday Habits report, one in six people (15%) choose to go on holiday by themselves (up from 12% and 6%, in the preceding two years).

Shaun Lamont, the managing director of First Group Hotels and Resorts, said the brand had also seen an increase in the number of guests travelling alone.

"With so many people now working from home, resulting in longer working hours and being in constant digital contact, it stands to reason that people want to get away from it all. More and more people are treating themselves to solo trips.

"With social media in our faces 24/7, inundating us with the thoughts and experiences of others, it becomes even more enticing for us to disconnect and experience life from our own point of view. So, take the plunge, travel alone and find yourself," he said.

He shares 5 benefits of travelling solo:

You do things on your terms

He said travellers do not have to compromise on their ideal trip.

"Travelling alone can be incredibly liberating. It gives you the freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Don’t have to compromise on your destination, itinerary or activities, and there’s no arguing about where to go next. You make all the decisions and can focus on the beauty of the journey, instead of simply rushing to reach your destination," he said.

You are allowed a time out

In Lamont's opinion, solo travel means less pressure to constantly be on the move. Lamont said solo trips mean there's less pressure to be on the go all the time. "If you want to spend the day in bed and order room service, there’s nobody to bully you into doing anything else," he said.

You experience things you will never otherwise when with a group

Solo travel allows travellers to choose experiences that they enjoy and want to experience.

"Blowing your budget on activities and experiences that don’t float your boat will frustrate you. Choosing what you want to do and see, rather than tagging along with the rest, will result in you being able to see more and spend less. If fancy restaurants aren’t your thing, but a picnic on the beach is, then do that," Lamont advised.

You discover yourself

He said solo travel is a life-changing experience, ultimately helping you discover who you are.

"By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll get used to doing things on your own. If things don’t go according to plan, you’ll need to figure it out alone, empowering yourself and increasing your self-confidence," he added.

You make new friends

While many assume that solo travel means you are alone, it is not. You get to meet new people and learn more about them.

Lamont said travelling alone makes it easier to meet new people you may otherwise never have met.

"As a single person is more approachable than a couple, this is one of the biggest perks of travelling solo."

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