Many travellers take hotel safety for granted. It is important to be vigilant at all times. Picture: Pexels.

If we have learned anything from Kim Kardashian West’s 2016 ordeal in France, where she was robbed and held at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room, is that you can never be too safe.

Many travellers, including myself, take hotel safety for granted. We assume that the security and cameras will prevent the thieves from getting in, but being a little safety conscious never hurt anyone.

PS: This article is merely written to create awareness and not to evoke fear in any way.

Here are some tips to ensure your safety during your next visit:

Ask for a room that is not on the ground floor

It may seem weird requesting this, but it will definitely give you peace of mind when you retire for the night. If there is a criminal incident at the hotel, then chances are that the thieves will rob the rooms on the ground floor as it allows for an easy escape. With that being said, it is always important to remain vigilant in whatever room you stay in.

Memorise or keep hotel contact details at all time

Incidents, whether criminal or natural, can take place at any time. Travellers should keep all the information of the hotel to ensure that that they are able to contact them should there be a crisis. Ask the hotel to share some business cards with you and  try not keep it with your valuables.

Use the safe

Travellers usually scatter their valuable items all over their hotel room and often many of their items go missing. To avoid any loss of items, try to keep all the important items in the safe.

Keep your passport with you at all times- but also keep some copies in your luggage

Getting a passport can be a mission to obtain. Think long queues, unhelpful staff and hours of waiting. Imagine now what would happen should you lose your password in another country. Travellers should always keep copies of their passports tucked away in sections of their bags to avoid any unfortunate incidents.