Travellers can take preventative measures to avoid being sick while on holiday. Picture: Pexels.

We have just boarded, after a 45-minute delay. There’s a boy, around six or seven, who is unwell on the plane. He is seated alongside his mother and father, who swapped seats with me ‘to be with his family.’

The boy clearly does not want to fly and makes several stops to the bathroom when he feels queasy. He is among many travellers who fall ill on the plane- either from motion sickness or contracting a bug.

There’s good news- travellers can take preventative measures so that they do not get sick before they head to their holiday.

Here are some tips:

Hydrate: A few glasses of water can do wonders for the body. Air travel can cause dehydration, which leads to fatigue, headaches and other health issues. Try to drink water throughout the flight rather than gulp it all down at once.

Take a window seat: The window seat, for me, is solace. It's an escape from the menacing crowds who are relentless when they want to enter or exit the plane. Of course, if you find yourself in the aisle seat, you may be prone to catching germs from fellow travellers. When you book your seat, choose the window seat instead.

Keep your hands clean: A simple task like keeping your hands clean can prevent you from being ill. The airport is a germ magnet, from the check-in counter to when you board the plane. Having your hands clean can prevent colds, especially when in a plane where the cabin pressure is low. Carry along a hand sanitizer (the liquid ones work best) to use during the flight.  

Take your vitamins: A good vitamin supplement helps to prevent those unexpected colds and flu. Ask your doctor for recommendations.