Five star establishments can be intimidating, but the trick is to fit in. Picture: GHM Hotels.

I will admit that when I first visited a five star hotel as a teenager, I was clueless. 

Seeing all those fancy outfits, sophistication and opulence made me want to run back home. 

We were having dinner. Although not a hotel guest, I had to behave in a way that made me stick out like a sore thumb. 

Five star establishments can be intimidating, but the trick is to fit in. Don't let other guests know that you a first timer, instead behave in a way that will make them believe you a frequent luxury hotel goer. 

Here are some tips I will recommend:

Be confident

Confidence is key when visiting a five star spot. Walk tall and interact with guests as much as you can. This also helps you to understand more about the dynamics of five star hotels.

Dress appropriately

While your intention may be to lounge in your hotel room and do nothing, it never works out that way. Five star hotels have a range of activities that will keep guests occupied for hours, meaning that dressing the part is important. 

No socks and sandals are allowed when walking out and about the hotels, unless you swimming at the pool. 

Five star hotels speaks luxury and looking the part will help tremendously. Try to carry something formal that you can mix with a casual style.

Research dining options

If you staying at a five star hotel, the chances of you dining at one of their restaurants are high. There are many online books that can help you get into the swing of dining etiquette, like what fork and knife goes with what course to how the cutlery should be placed after you finish the meal.

Try to tone it down with the selfies

It is fun to document all your holiday exploits, but do not over do it with the selfie taking, especially if you spot a celebrity. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking selfies, snapping away at the pool or dinner table can annoy other guests.

Tip the porters and waiters

Many people assume that tips for porters or waiters are included in their hotel bill, but that is not the case. Try to tip your waiters or the porter carrying your bags when you can.