How to claim compensation from airlines. Picture: Piero Cruciatti

Complain to your airline direct and state that under EU regulation 261 you are entitled to compensation.

Some airlines have forms on their websites. How much you can claim depends on where you were travelling and for how long you were delayed. The maximum is €600 (R9,898).

Remember that to be eligible, your delay must have been within the airline’s control. This includes routine technical faults.

If your claim is rejected, you can refer your case to one of two ombudsman-type schemes — the AviationADR or CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution).

Most major airlines, with the exception of Jet2 and Ryanair, are signed up and must abide by the independent arbitrator’s decision. You can refer complaints about these airlines to the Civil Aviation Authority ( 

Alternatively, try online dispute service Resolver, which can negotiate with companies on your behalf.

Your final option is to take the airline to a small claims court. You can get a claim form at

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