Travellers continue to make many blunders during their holidays. Picture: Anna Shvets Pexels
Travellers continue to make many blunders during their holidays. Picture: Anna Shvets Pexels

How to deal with your pandemic travel blunders

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jun 11, 2021

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The pandemic has changed how many of us travel, and while things are starting to look up for travel, travellers continue to make many blunders during their holidays.

Blunder: You thrive on spontaneous travel

As much as a last-minute weekend trip sounds tempting, spontaneous travel should take a back seat for now. Pandemic travels come with new travel requirements, which differs from country to country. Unless you are well planned, steer clear of any last-minute trips. Instead, spend at least two weeks planning and consult with travel experts if venturing abroad.

Blunder: You want to visit multiple destinations to avoid quarantine

Travellers who want to avoid harsh quarantine requirements imposed by some countries are booking stopovers in destinations with low Covid-19 restrictions. While this allows them to see more than one destination, travel experts warn that travellers should familiarise themselves with the risks, especially with the uncertainty of global travel restrictions due to Covid-19.

The pandemic is ever-changing, with countries imposing regulations overnight. If you have to visit a destination that requires quarantine, you rather spend a few days in your hotel than running the risk of not visiting at all. Sometimes taking a shortcut may bring about disastrous results.

Blunder: You are afraid to pay more for benefits

Travellers are budget-conscious and are doing everything in their power to save some money. However, when it comes to paying extra for flexible options or travel insurance, travellers shouldn't hesitate to fork out a few extra rands in case of an emergency.

Blunder: You still forget to carry your Covid-19 essentials

Mask wearing should be second nature by now, but many often forget essentials like masks, sanitisers and other PPE. Pack a few in your suitcase, your hand luggage and your clothing.

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