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Question: I will be travelling to South Africa in November. I have at least 30kg in excess baggage on top of my luggage limit.

What’s your advice on the best and most reliable reasonably priced cargo carrier?

Dora Jacobs


Answer: You could use a separate cargo carrier, but in my experience it is much easier and smoother to maximise your free allowance – both for checked and cabin luggage – and then pay up for excess baggage if need be.

For this, I recommend British Airways. BA allows two pieces, both of which can weigh 23kg, in addition to the 23kg piece of checked baggage.

At 69kg, probably more than your body weight, I think that should be enough. The art is to pack your cabin baggage carefully. The dimensions are 40x30x15cm, ie 18 litres, and 56x45x25cm, ie 63 litres. So pack the heaviest items in the smaller bag. And remember not to include restricted items (eg sharps, liquids).

Should you still need extra space, fortunately, it is not as expensive as once it was, when each kilogram was charged at one per cent of the first-class passenger fare. BA will carry an additional 23kg bag for £60 (about R1 000), so long as you book it in advance.