Adventure and explore

While most people are of the opinion that you need at least a full two weeks of holiday time to actually feel like you had a holiday, not everyone has the luxury of taking that much time off. 

The good news is that you don’t need to use up all your leave days in one go just to enjoy an epic holiday escape – all you need is a weekend (and a day or two of leave, if you can manage it) to make it amazing! 

Here are a few tips on how to turn your weekend getaway into a holiday that will have your Facebook and Instagram friends green with envy!

Make it a long weekend

Two days is enough, but four days are even better! If you can spare a day or two of leave, try taking a Friday and Monday off to make your weekend getaway just a little longer. This allows you to enjoy just a little more downtime alone or with loved ones. 

Another benefit is that you get to enjoy the resort or town you’re staying in without the crowds as other visitors will probably only arrive on Friday night and head back home on Sunday afternoon, giving you the chance to have pools, popular chill areas and restaurants and other facilities all to yourself.

Don’t waste time travelling

A weekend away can feel like a glorious week of holiday fun, provided you plan your time wisely, so make sure you choose a destination that’s not too far away, so you won’t spend hours on the road instead of poolside sipping on a cocktail.

Adventure and explore

Wherever you decide to go, be sure to make a point of getting out and discovering what the area has to offer, because you never know what incredible experiences you might stumble upon. 

Speak to locals or staff at the accommodation you’re staying at to find out about historical sites, curio shops, restaurants and what people do for fun. You can also do a quick online search for things to see and do online based on official websites as well as reviews with advice from people who have visited before.

Switch off

While many of us find it difficult to put our cellphones and devices away for more than an hour, this step is really important to help make the weekend feel more like a holiday. 

If you need your cellphone for taking photos but still want to avoid being disturbed by work-related calls or distracted by social media notifications, simply switch to airplane mode to avoid the noise. This will free up a lot more time and energy to enjoy the present.

Make it memorable

Whether you decide to travel with just your significant other or with the kids and some friends, do your best to enjoy the time you have and create as many awesome memories as you can. Go for romantic dinners and long strolls with your partner and plan some fun family activities to enjoy with the kids.  

Who says a weekend away can’t feel like more like a week of holiday fun? Start planning your weekend escapes for the entire year, today – you can also check out this nifty public holiday schedule to help you take advantage of existing long weekends and school holidays.

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