The mid-year winter holiday is fast approaching. Here are some tips for parents to plan one. Picture: Pexels.

With the mid-year break approaching, it is up to parents to keep their children gainfully occupied. Gone are the days when children want to laze on the sofa, stuffing their faces with junk food while watching the Disney Channel. They want to venture outdoors and enjoy every minute of their three-week long break.

Here are some tips to plan a winter holiday for your children:

Set a budget and stick with it: Holidays should not be a costly affair. I mean, you do not have to fork out hundreds of rands to make a holiday memorable. Many parents plan activities at the last minute, which could cause a dent on their finances. Having a budget helps to monitor spending habits and offers parents innovative ways to plan activities for their children.  

Ask for their input: Parents should include their little ones in the decision making process. This will offer insight into what types of places and activities they want to experience. Allowing them the opportunity to share input will create added excitement for the trip.

Include rest days: Try to plan an itinerary that offers time for rest and relaxation. This could be a few days before or after the trip ( if you are travelling for a few days) or in between planned activities.

Include activities that are parent-friendly: If you are one of those parents who take a few days off to be with your child, then try to include a few activities that the whole family can enjoy. Activities can include ziplining, picnics at a nature reserve or a game of football. These activities are ideal for parent-child bonding.