How to plan a holiday at home

You can create a holiday in the comfort of your home. Picture: Pexels.

You can create a holiday in the comfort of your home. Picture: Pexels.

Published Mar 29, 2020


If you are yearning for a holiday or had to skip one due to Covid-19, creating a “holiday experience” at home is just what you need to distract yourself during this tough time. Here’s how to plan one.

Stock up on supplies

To create the holiday experience, you would need to create the look and feel of a hotel or resort. Visit Pinterest for some decor inspiration. Do not overindulge as the aim of this is to create a holiday experience without spending much.Rather use decor items that you have to spruce up the look and stock up on supplies that you may not have.

Supplies may include toiletries, groceries or linen.

Choose a destination

Centre the holiday experience around a particular destination. It could be a South African city, an island destination or a place you’ve always longed to visit. The options are endless.Once you have chosen a destination, research the place and plan everything accordingly.

Decorate the rooms

Once you have chosen your destination, create each room with decor elements that would go with the theme.Watch YouTube videos on hotel room decor for inspiration.

Small touches like folding the towels or adding welcome items like chocolates, a card or flowers can go a long way.


As you would at a hotel, get everyone to check into the “property”. As host, guide everyone to their “rooms” and detail the list of things that they will experience during their stay.

Create an itinerary

As you would plan an itinerary when travelling somewhere new, jot down a few things to do with the family during this period of isolation. It could be a pool party (if you have a pool), a virtual tour of the chosen destination or other holiday activities. Remember, creativity is key.

Have a themed dinner

No holiday is complete without a themed dinner. Whether it’s a dinner celebrating the destination you are “visiting” or something scary like a murder mystery dinner, it’s bound to get everyone excited. To make it extra special, ask everyone to dress up according to the theme.

Alone time is important

Apart from the “exploring”, people should add rest and relaxation time to their schedule. Take some time to catch up on some sleep, meditate or read. You will thank yourself later.

Take photographs

If there are no pictures, then it never happened. Whether it is a selfie or a group picture (remember to practise social distancing), a photograph or two will make any “holiday” perfect. Also, if you are having FOMO on travel, upload a few images on your social media to encourage others to do the holiday at home challenge.

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