Planning a budget-friendly weekend away is easier than you think. Picture: RawPixel
Planning a budget-friendly weekend away is easier than you think. Picture: RawPixel

How to plan a SA weekend getaway for under R1 000pp

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Aug 29, 2019

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You are probably reading the headline and thinking to yourself: “Are you insane, how could you possibly plan a weekend holiday for under R1 000pp?”

The first thing that comes to someone’s mind when they think of a holiday is something that requires plenty of cash and luxury. 

In South Africa, many establishments offer value for money accommodation, eateries and activities. You just have not found them yet. 

Here are some tips to plan your next weekend trip: 

Ditch the flight and drive

Flights are not cheap unless you are one of those lucky ones who score discount flights. A road trip is a sure way to get value for your buck. Gather a few friends or family members who are keen to travel and split the transport costs. Many of our major cities offer picturesque road trips that are under three hours.


  • If you do decide to drive, make sure you know the toll road costs so you can budget accordingly. 
  • Have both a GPS and a map handy. Getting lost means that you are using up petrol, which we all know is not cheap. 

Book shared accommodation

You should consider shared accommodation if you are travelling with a group. Splitting the cost on a shared accommodation is a cheaper alternative to paying for a hotel room. Many hotel brands have incorporated self-catering accommodation to their offering. Alternatively, you can book an Airbnb. 


  • Research the places before you make a booking. Do not trust the pictures you see online.

Find cheaper dining options

Spending every night eating out will definitely take a toll on your wallet. Cooking is a cheaper alternative to eating out. Many travellers save when they prepare their own meal. They purchase produce from the local shops and cook like the locals. 

It is also a fun way to get everyone on the trip involved, whether they clean the vegetables, cook the meat, prepare the dessert or set the table. 


  • Make every night a themed evening, that way it feels like you are eating out without leaving your accommodation. 
  • If you do want to go out, find out where the locals hang out and what are the budget-friendly options. Chances are you will get a good meal for less than R1 000. 

Book activities online 

What’s a holiday without a little entertainment. If you want to explore and partake in a few activities, head online to check which places offer value for money excursions. Most businesses try to lure their guest through online discounts that you would have probably not received when you booked at the property. 


  • There are many apps that travellers can use to discover discounts. Some include Hyperli and Daddy’s Deals. 

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