A travel itinerary comes in handy as it helps organise a traveller before, during and after a trip. Picture: No Destination.com

Getting everything in order for a travel trip can be hard. From booking flights, securing accommodation to fitting in tours, a traveller has a lot to think about when they plan that important holiday.  This is where a travel itinerary comes in handy as it helps organise a traveller before, during and after a trip:

Organise all the important documents first

Once you book your flights, accommodation and car rentals, keep all the documents in a little envelope or folder. These documents come in handy when planning tours and preparing travel time from one place to the next. Many travellers make the mistake of creating itineraries without looking at the distance of where different tours are located.

Narrow down the list of activities according to the duration of your trip

You cannot possibly see every aspect of a country within a few days, therefore making a list of must see places can be beneficial. Choose places that you and the family believe are interesting and can be fun. When the list is made,plan the activities and tours in line with the location and travel times from one place to another.

Find time to explore and relax

I believe travellers have forgotten exactly what it means to have a holiday. Most travellers are so busy trying to get the perfect pictures for their social media accounts that they forget to unwind and find time to explore. Part of the reason we holiday is to rest, but with fast paced itineraries, we end up being more tired after a holiday than before we left.

Try not to overthink the itinerary

Once planned, try to not overthink your itinerary. Plans change, whether it is the cancellations of tours or bad weather, however travellers should live in the moment and just have fun. 

If all fails, ask an expert for advice

Ask for the advice of an expert if planning an itinerary becomes overwhelming. They can provide the tips needed to make a holiday worthwhile. Some of these experts charge for their services.