If you do not plan on going away for the holidays, why not enjoy a staycation in your city. Picture: Pexels.

Staycations are perfect for those who want to travel without having to spend hours to get there. It's the ideal way to see your city if you have not already planned a break for the festive season.

Here are some tips to make your staycation memorable:

Set a budget: Budget how much you want to spend and stick to it. This will help you when planning for hotel stays, transportation costs and food. Plan holidays according to your budget. Many people end up in debt because they want extravagant holidays.

Make a list of places you want to visit: There is always something new to experience in a particular city. Therefore, jot down a  few ideas and see what suits your budget. Make sure to prebook your selected activities as it could be sold out during the festive season period.  

Book an Airbnb or hotel: There is a certain level of anticipation and excitement when you pack up your suitcase and check into a place of accommodation. Thankfully, there are many affordable deals to choose from that does not have to compromise quality.

Go where you have not been before: Rather than sticking to tourist activities in your city, visit a few places that are not frequented by many people. Ask a few of your friends, family or colleagues about possible places to visit.

Spend a day road tripping: There are many small towns in South Africa that make for a great road trip. Gather the crew for an early morning drive filled with loads of adventure. Try to find places that are an hour or so away or routes that have a few good pitstops. Travellers can even choose to spend a night at the town.

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