With proper planning, your Ultra experience will be nothing short of amazing. This is a picture from last year's event. Picture: Drew Ressler/Ultra Music Festival.

There is something about taking a trip for a music festival that appeals to me. With the hustle and bustle of city life, our busy schedules and the growing demand to balance work and our social life, letting your hair down in another city is definitely what one needs to feel alive again.

That is where Ultra Music Festival comes in. The annual music festival will return to South Africa next month, to the joy of music and travel fanatics.

Ultra, popular for its electronic dance music, sees people travel from all parts of the world to watch music acts like Afrojack and Armin van Buuren in action. And with its ever growing demand to satisfy the dance lover’s music appetite, the festival is quite popular in Miami, Singapore, Bali, Brazil and Japan.

Music festivals like Ultra allows a group of friends or family an opportunity to travel, experience a city and have loads of fun at the same time. But, in order for one to enjoy the music festival, they need to start planning their travels.

This year’s installment will take place on February 9, 2018 at Cape Town Stadium and on February 10, 2018 at Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg.

With just two weeks to go for Ultra Music Festival, we have compiled a guide to help you plan your last minute travels:


Travellers can either book a plane or drive to the festival. Flying allows travellers more time at the destination and to explore what the city has to offer.  However, those who have time can also opt to take a road trip. Friends can take turns behind the wheel as they find interesting stops along the way. Whether you choose to fly high up the South African seas and mountains or through landmarks and scenery on a road trip, the journey to the music festival is just as important.

It is advisable for festival goers get a lift to and from the festival. For those who prefer to drive, make sure that the person behind the wheel is not under the influence of alcohol.

Find accommodation

Many travellers often leave accommodation planning until later and that can be a big mistake. When they don't find something that meets their expectations, they are forced to choose substandard accommodation. I recommend you choose accommodation close to the venue. If accommodation is fully booked, why not find a camping site?

Book a few tours

In between all the partying, take time to see the sights. Cape Town and Johannesburg offer some of the country’s top tourists destinations. In Cape Town, make a trip to see the penguins on Boulders Beach or club hop on Long Street. In Johannesburg, visit the busy district of Maboneng or enjoy some adventure at Gold Reef City. The city sightseeing buses, in both cities, are a good way to experience the history and culture of a city.

Make sure you have time to rest

Attending music festivals require lots of energy, so I suggest you take time to rest and hydrate. Plan your time between tours, partying and rest, you will thank me later.

Travel light

Crime related incidents like pick pocketing can happen, so be prepared. Carry only the essentials when at the festival and leave the rest at the hotel or lodge. With the great music and fist bumping, you never know when a thief can attack.


Before you leave for your trip, set aside exactly how much you are willing to spend. Many festival goers over spend on alcohol and other items during their trip that causes a huge dent in their pockets once their holiday is over. Budgets help keep the finances in check and you are in control of your spending habits.

For further details, visit https://ultrasouthafrica.com/