The airport is a great place to make friends. Picture: Rawpixel.

At the airport, you will see hundreds of travellers, but speaking with them may be tough. There’s those who arrive early and occupy the seats near their boarding gates, passing the time listening to music or reading a book. There’s those who arrive in time to board their flight and those who prefer enjoying massages and snacks at the lounge before their journey.

For those of you who want to make a few friends at the airport, here’s how you can strike a conversation:

Start with a smile: Most of the time travellers fail to start a conversation because they fear rejection.  A smile or hello is a great way to ease any tension and helps to start a conversation between two travellers.

Talk about travel: Travel is a sure way of getting people to converse. There’s plenty of ways to start a conversation. For example: ask the person where they are travelling to, or about their travels. People become passionate when the topic of travel arises.

Be confident: People are attracted to confident people. Lift your shoulders, raise your face, and approach someone with confidence. Most of the time it works, and you may meet a new friend.

Talk about the weather: This method has worked for centuries and is one of the safest topics to talk about. It is also one of the most common conversation starters. The weather topic can help travellers link to other conversation topics.