UK brand Monsoon has found a way for families to save space and money on their next holiday. Picture: Yuganov Konstantin.

Packing for a family holiday can be quite daunting. Not only do you have to pack your own bags, but you also have to make sure that everyone else in the family does not leave important items at home. 

Then there is the concern of having to pay extra when your luggage exceeds the stipulated number of kilograms. Thanks to UK brand Monsoon that problem could be a thing of a past. 

They have created an infographic that details how a family can pack all their items into one suitcase weighing 23 kilograms for a two week holiday. According to the infographic, adult females could pack 4 dresses weighing two kilograms, 2 pairs of sandals at 700 grams, two types of swimwear at 1 kilogram, and even their make up bag and straightener at 300grams and 500 grams respectively. 

The men could pack 5 t-shirts at 900 grams, 2 shorts at 500 grams and 2 pyjamas at 600 grams.  Children could pack 7 t-shirts and 7 shorts weighing 700 grams and 1,4 kilograms respectively. 

See the infographic below: