Marc Buckner from 'The Bachelor South Africa' chats about his travels. Picture: Cathy Pinnock.
Marc Buckner from 'The Bachelor South Africa' chats about his travels. Picture: Cathy Pinnock.

IOL exclusive: Talking travel with The Bachelor SA's Marc Buckner

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Feb 19, 2020

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Marc Buckner is the new hottie steaming up the small screen in M-Net’s 'The Bachelor South Africa'. Debashine Thangevelo chats travel with him. 

First holiday memory? 

Bali, with the family. I must have been 10 or 11. We were at a hotel in Bali, there was some reason that I won a trip to Lombok, it was the best in the world. I wanted to surf, it was such an amazing surf spot. So, we went on a long boat, out in the middle of nowhere and the guy kicks us out - he didn’t speak any English - there was a reef break. 

You could almost stand on the reef. It felt like a 100km from the shore. And then, you could see the drop-off of the reef and it was black and I asked: “Are there any sharks?” He said: “Lots, lots!.” He had no idea what I was saying and the whole time I had visions of the shark coming out of the abyss and taking off my legs.

Favourite place in SA?


I love Hout Bay and Sea Point. It is where I spend most of my time. Both of them are so different. Out of anywhere I have been, leave, Sea Point.

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Wishing you all a beautiful 2020. May all of your dreams come true, get out there and kick ass....your own to make it happen 😋 Ps still don't know where I am? Check dem ears 🤗

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Best holiday?


That’s a tricky one because most of my trips are work. Best working holiday would be New York. I didn’t expect to fall in love with the city because I am not much of a big city person but I enjoy the States. People compare it to London, I don’t know why.

What have you learnt from your travels? 

I guess it has come up a lot in South Africa. A lot of the things that we are concerned about, this is going to sound like a Miss South Africa answer, but it is so true. 

One of the TV shows I watch and love is Orange is the New Black. The reason I enjoy it is that we can make fun of different cultures, but it shouldn’t be negative. 

That’s the thing about travel, the more you travel, the more you see we are all so similar, even though everyone is so different. End of the day, we all have our cultures and we should enjoy embracing that. It’s different but that is what makes it so exciting. We should be celebrating that.

Ideal travelling companion?


For sure, someone you love. That is just another step to eventually settling down. That is an important thing. Travelling with someone I care about and sharing it with, because I am so over doing it alone. 

That’s what’s happened in past relationships, I come home after long trips and I feel that this person that is at home hasn’t really changed. My views may have grown, hopefully, but theirs hasn’t. A sho’t left trip, first.

Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie? 

Adrenalin junkie, definitely. Second, beach bum. Then culture vulture. Going to museums, not so much, but living within a culture and experiencing it. That is why I spent so much time in India - it’s different. So, all the above.

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Greatest travel luxury? 

Being lucky enough to be on a business- or first-class flight. I’ve discovered how much that increases the enjoyment of the first few days. I wish it were always the case. I try my best to sleep as much as possible. I cannot sleep in economy, though.

Holiday reading?


No, I used to. If I went to Asia or China, my holiday reading would be a dictionary in Japanese. I prefer being outside and exploring. Most of my reading is done at home, in bed.

Where has seduced you?


Croatia was pretty amazing. Went to the Isles of Scilly. Did some time in Mongolia. Did like hundreds of places; all resonated with me in different ways. The reason I went to Asia a lot was mostly for work and because I loved the food and culture so much. I used to go to Helsinki a lot. People are beautiful there, just the women, not so much the men. Depends what frame of mind you are in. India was also unbelievable.

Worst travel experience?


I once did something super romantic. I met a woman, we saw each other for a couple of days. Then I had to fly to Germany for a job. I said I would love to take her with. Took her to Germany, I did the shoot and then we took a train to Italy, through Verona, Venice and Florence. There was something wrong with my card and I went into a bank and I took about 2 500 and I got pick-pocketed. I had no cash.

Best hotel? 

It would be Klaus K Hotel in Helsinki. The client I worked with, I asked for them to please put me up there. You have a private sauna. And it won design hotel of the year, or something. Their breakfast is world famous.

Favourite walk, swim, ride or drive? 

Walk, would be along the promenade. Favourite swim would be Clifton. Motorbike from Sea Point to Hout Bay. A drive would be something off-road in Stellenbosch.

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Favourite city?


Cape Town.

Where to next? 

Somewhere in South America. probably, backpacking through Bolivia. That would be my ultimate trip.

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