Janez Vermeiren and his wife Juliana Vasconcelos are one of South Africa's most beloved couples. Picture: Instagram.

Janez Vermeiren  and Juliana Vasconcelos are the epitome of a travel couple, whether they are sunbathing on the beach in Cape Town or hiking in Bali, the pair is undoubtedly one of the country’s beloved couples.

Are you travelling this Valentines Day? We do not have anything special planned this year as we had a great family holiday in Bali. Juliana and I found time to do romantic activities and spent some quality time together there.

How did you two meet? This is kind of an interesting story. We were introduced via a friend. Juliana, an international model, was visiting Cape Town and our mutual friend suggested that she message me on Facebook to ask about rented accommodation. I was ‘the go to guy for accommodation’, but unfortunately could not help her as there was no availability during that specific period. Luckily, we bumped into each other on the beach a few weeks later. I asked her out for dinner, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Janez Vermeiren and his wife Juliana Vasconcelos love spending time in nature. Picture: Supplied.

What has been the most memorable Valentines Day for you and your partner? Juliana and I are not very big on Valentines Day, but there is one that comes to mind.I was shooting Top Billing in Stellenbosch and found this farm stall that sold picnic baskets and wine. We ended up going to a beach in Cape Town and watched the sunset together. It was a great day. I know it was romantic because she was quite impressed with me.

Ideal place to visit on Valentines Day? Somewhere close to nature. Our idea of romance is usually watching the sunset at the beach or a walk up Table Mountain. Couples should also plan bush getaways. It allows you to enjoy nature, the views and each other.