Jo-Ann Strauss tips on how to celebrate an European Christmas.

The best part about spending the holiday in a European destination is that the cities, markets, museums and other tourist attractions are open and ready to share European culture and history. 

The magic of Christmas lies in small things. Jo-Ann Strauss, former Miss South Africa, businesswoman and the face of Lufthansa in South Africa. shares her experiences of a truly enchanting European Christmas.

According to her, a European white Christmas is a whole world apart from Africa’s sunny Christmas, though both the regions celebrate the season with month long celebrations. “Christmas celebrations in both the regions is different in terms of weather but both are very special with the emphasis on family and friends.

Jo-Ann Strauss tips on how to celebrate an European Christmas.

“Some of the best places to visit in Europe for a Christmas holiday are definitely the ski slopes where there is good snow, in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. There is something so exhilarating about going down a pristine slope,” she says. 

When she is in Munich, Christmas celebrations kick off the day before with food preparations.

“My father-in-law prepares a delicious potato soup and almost always burns it and my mom-in-law steps in and saves it almost every time. We indulge in weisswurst, sauerkraut and bretzels. Christmas in Munich, is like stepping back in time to a little town with lots of lights.

“Our Christmas day evenings are coupled with Gluhwein and cuddling in front of the roaring fire and the beautifully decorated tree Tannenbaum with ornaments, all these elements make it truly special,” she says. 

Meanwhile, Lufthansa started its festive flying season and will treat passengers to several small surprises, like the Christmas goose that business class passengers will enjoy when flying out of Germany. This quintessential dish is offered between during November and December, and is traditionally served with dumplings and red cabbage. 

A few of the other festive surprises guests can expect include; a soft toy squirrel for children with red Lufthansa logo, red scarf and red hat (on all flights in all classes from December 15 until while stocks last). All beverage trolleys will have a Christmas-themed display stand and other decorations, and the passengers using the Senator and Business Lounges in Frankfurt can expect a few delights during their visit as well.