DUBAI DARLINGS: Carina Bruwer, Eriel Huang, Renate Riedemann and Ariella Caira pose with a fan while on their Dubai tour.

Cape Town - Known for their extraordinary fusion of virtuosity and fresh beats, instrumental group Sterling EQ has fans worldwide.

The Sama-winning group is made up of flautist Carina Bruwer, electric violinists Eriel Huang and Renate Riedemann, and electric cellist Ariella Caira.

Where have you travelled?

Sterling EQ: We have travelled extensively in the Middle East – having performed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi many times, the Seychelles, and we often travel to our African neighbours, including Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

What is your favourite overseas destination?

Carina: Tuscany with my family. The food is just to die for, and so is the beach.

Eriel: Definitely Paris.

Renate: Canada because of the breathtaking nature and a very sweet Canadian boy.

Ariella: I recently spent three weeks camping alone with no hot water or electricity in the southern Italian countryside. Sounds nuts? It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

What do you avoid during a holiday?

Carina: Depending on where you are, certain meats and seafood.

Eriel: I never order food without pictures in a foreign country.

Renate: Losing my passport.

Ariella: Drinking tap water, after a terrific bout of Montezuma’s revenge in Mexico.

Your worst experience on a holiday?

Sterling EQ: In Dubai (in 2009), we arrived at about 5am after a night flight, very short of sleep. But we woke up when we were told that our visas were not valid. We had been to Dubai the week before, and our client thought that our visas would still be valid, but they weren’t. So, instead of spending our day relaxing, soaking up some sun, we spent nine hours at passport control while our visas were being sorted out. When we finally made it through, we had to go straight to the performance venue and made it just in time.

Best meal abroad?

Carina: Every meal in Italy.

Eriel: Croissant and cappuccino in Paris in the Louvre Museum.

Renate: Dutch croquettes, served with mustard, is a winner.

Arriella: Rabbit in red wine in a tavern in Rome.

Your favourite place to have sundowners on your travels?

Carina: We have friends in Italy with a private beach in Tuscany, so we would do sundowners every day.

Eriel: Boston on Newbury Street, Paris by the Seine, and the Champs-Élysées.

Renate: On a private beach, in a hammock.

Ariella: On an abandoned beach in Tulum, Mexico.

What have you learnt from your travels?

Sterling EQ: No matter how well-planned your trip is, the reality will always deviate from the plan. All you can do is chill and go with the flow, and if all else fails, there is usually cappuccino.

Ideal travelling companion?

Carina: The Sterling girls! We always have fun together.

Eriel: Still looking. Someone who is easy going, low maintenance, has a zesty sense of adventure.

Renate: Someone with a healthy balance between adventurous and gevrek, and someone you can laugh with.

Ariella: A sense of humour.

Culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

Carina: Adrenalin junkie. During free time, you will usually find me a few hundred metres out in the ocean, swimming laps.

Eriel: Culture vulture.

Renate: Culture vulture with a dash of adrenalin.

Ariella: Both. I love old churches, ruins and village markets, but give me a chance to swim with barracudas, ski the Schilthorn slopes, eat fried locusts and motorbike through the streets on Mexico, I’m there.

Dream trip?

Sterling EQ: World tour with our own private jet.

Where next?

Sterling EQ: Gaborone in November. - Weekend Argus