Couples have less sex when on holiday than when at home. Picture: Pexels

Contrary to popular belief, the sun, sea and sand formula does not necessarily add up to sex, a poll has revealed.

Fewer than half of couples - 45 percent - said they made love more often when away.

The survey, from travel guide TripAdvisor, polled almost 3 000 travellers and found that holidays were not the aphrodisiac most couples expected them to be. In fact 20 percent of the couples surveyed said they argued more on holiday than at home, mainly over where to go and what to do.

Despite almost three in five have enjoyed a holiday romance at some point, 93% of flings ended in a break-up. The survey shows that while a change of scenery works well for single people, it does not bode so well for couples.

TripAdvisor's Emma O'Boyle said: "Our research reveals just how popular a holiday romance is and shatters the illusion that couples are always more passionate on holiday."

Previous research has suggested that couples have more sex on holiday, citing reasons such as less stress, having more time together, consuming more alcohol and being less tired.

Daily Mail