Ross Learmonth of Prime Circle, right, loves it.
Ross Learmonth of Prime Circle, right, loves it.
GUITAR FUNDIS DREAM: Musicians can order guitars with room service at The Nhow Hotel.
GUITAR FUNDIS DREAM: Musicians can order guitars with room service at The Nhow Hotel.

Ross Learmonth is the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of Prime Circle. With the success of the chart topping album Jekyll & Hyde, which produced several hits on the top 10 charts, the band catapulted to the top – claiming the title of the number one band in SA. The platinum-selling album saw the five-piece rock band take on the world – literally.

Learmonth shares some of his experiences.

How widely have you travelled?

Travelling is, and always has been, a big part of my life. I think it’s because I grew up in a very small town. Travelling and getting to see the world is one of the big perks of being in Prime Circle.

Where is the best place you’ve been abroad?

One of my favourite hotels is in Berlin, the Nhow Hotel. It’s a unique hotel because you can order guitars and amps with room service. There is also a world class studio in the hotel where you can lay down ideas on your travels. Locally, it’s the Waterfront Hotel in Cape Town.

Your worst experience on a holiday?

When we toured India I got a very bad case of Delhi Belly – I thought I was going to die.

Your funniest experience?

We have had many but the one that stands out is when we accidentally left Marco (Gomes), our bass player, at a gas station in Germany in the middle of nowhere. We only discovered when we arrived at our destination, about five hours later, that he wasn’t with us. At the time, it wasn’t funny but we all have a good laugh about it now.

What do you avoid during a holiday?

Tourist spots, I always try and find the hidden places.

Best meal abroad?

Surprisingly in India, (although it wasn’t the cause of my illness) – we had some of the best chilli ever.

Your favourite place for a sundowner?

Cape Town by far is still the best, don’t think I’ve found a better place.

What have you learnt from your travels?

Just to relax and enjoy the journey, as the destination is not always what it’s about.

Ideal travelling companion?

Gisele Bundchen (ha!).

Culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

Culture vulture.

Greatest travel luxury?

Your own pillow and an iPad.

Holiday reading?

I am a sucker for autobiographies.

Favourite drive?

The autobahn in Germany.

Dream trip?

Thailand – I still haven’t gone and can’t wait to go.

Can you share some travel tips?

Always try and book the emergency exit rows on a plane. Travel light because you will always buy on your travels. Get off the beaten track as you will need to find your own way sometimes. And be safe.

Where next?

We’ll be travelling in SA for the next few months.

Then we are off to LA to finish the new album. And then off to Europe again. - Weekend Argus