The excitement of a trip can cause many travellers to make mistakes during their journey. Picture: Gustavo Fring/Pexels
The excitement of a trip can cause many travellers to make mistakes during their journey. Picture: Gustavo Fring/Pexels

Oops! 5 mistakes you are making when you are travelling during the pandemic

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jan 29, 2021

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There's no better feeling than boarding a plane and being whisked away to a new destination.

The excitement can cause many travellers to make mistakes during their journey, which could place them in danger of contracting Covid-19.

Here are 5 mistakes that some travellers make during the pandemic and how to deal with it:

You are too eager to travel without doing the proper research

A trip somewhere may seem tempting, but choosing the first place that pops to mind may be jeopardising.

Travel at the moment is like investing in a new house. You need to make sure what you choose is beneficial in the long run.

The coronavirus has changed the way many of us travel. Many are wary about travel bans, ever-changing regulations and requirements of a particular destination before they commit to a trip.

You are booking inexpensive accommodation and activities rather than choosing places that prioritise Covid-19 safety

Covid-19 safety is vital during pandemic travel. Your life is more important than saving a few extra bucks.

The good thing is that travellers can stick to their budget while looking for hotels that prioritise Covid-19 safety.

With proper research, you can save and visit places without compromising your health.

You have a 'don't care' attitude to the pandemic

The pandemic has killed millions of people globally, and not taking precautions is ignorant.

Be sure to follow all the necessary health and safety protocols during every step of your journey, from mask-wearing and social distancing.

Take the necessary precautions protects you and those around you.

You are cramming everything into your itinerary, even if it means visiting attractions with large crowds

As much as you want to jam-pack your itinerary to make up for everything that you have missed these past few months, reducing your daily activities will help you appreciate a tourist destination.

With more people exploring, always be mindful of the queues at a destination, if there's a large number of people, you should leave that adventure for another day.

You are not serious about travel insurance

When travellers book their holiday, they usually don't take travel insurance when travelling within the country.

Travel insurance is mandatory during Covid-19, especially if you are travelling to other parts of the country.

Speak to your local travel agent or insurance company for the quote that best suits you.

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